Do You Know How The I.C.L.C.O.R Operates?


The Court Will Convene A Grand Jury - Locally

The IC.L.C.O.R. is there to redress the inequities of the current diabolical system of injustice which is passed off as the best that the State can provide. Everyone and anyone with a modicum of enquiry can establish that something is very very wrong with the world as it is- everything is about the body and money to support its needs and wants and The Synagogue of Satan has taken over the Church of Christ....seemingly! 


In a Grand Jury there is no judge - just a Special Prosecutor whose job it is to work with the Grand Jury to outline the case against the defendant with help from he Court Recorder + the Jurors.

With a Grand Jury, preliminary hearings are meant to determine whether there is enough evidence, or probable cause, to indict a criminal suspect. If the Grand Jury finds that there is, then they issue a "true bill" and then a Petit Jury will be prepared and subpoenas issued for defendants to appear for the trial in the I.C.L.C.O.R. proper.

The Purpose of The Grand Jury = One Planet One Law

The function of a grand jury is to accuse persons who may be guilty of an offense, but the institution is also a shield against unfounded and oppressive prosecution. It is a means for lay citizens, representative of the community, to participate in the administration of justice. It can also make presentments on crime and maladministration in its area.

The purpose of the Grand Jury is to convene a Petit Jury. 12 Judge the 1 is the overriding precept - With a Grand Jury 12 MUST determine that there is a case to answer - that's then called a "true bill."

You Should Petition The Court via Your Legal Advisor

The mode of accusation is by a written statement in solemn form (indictment) describing the offense with proper accompaniments of time and circumstances, and certainty of act and person or by a mode less formal, which is usually the spontaneous act of the grand jury, called presentment. No indictment or presentment can be made except by concurrence of at least twelve of the jurors. The grand jury may accuse upon their own knowledge, but it is generally done upon the testimony of witnesses under oath and other evidence heard before them. The proceedings of grand jury are, in the first instance, at the instigation of the government or other prosecutor, and ex parte and in secret deliberation. The accused has no knowledge nor right to interfere with their proceedings. Freeman Legal Services will help you with all necessary formalities in this respect.

The Grand Jury NEVER deals with defence arguments - only

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The Grand Jury Hears Your Complaint

The grand jury plays an important role in the criminal process, but not one that involves a finding of guilt or punishment of a party. Instead, a prosecutor will work with a grand jury to decide whether to bring criminal charges or an indictment against a potential defendant -- usually reserved for serious felonies. Grand jury members may be called for jury duty for months at a time, but need only appear in court for a few days out of every month. Regular court trial juries are usually formed with 12 people, but in the federal system, a grand jury can be 16 to 24 people. Often they are locally chosen as they must be a peer group of the accused.

The Case Is Heard By A Grand Jury - No Judge Is Present

Grand Jury Proceedings

Grand jury proceedings are much more relaxed than normal court room proceedings. There is no judge present and frequently there are no lawyers except for the prosecutor. The prosecutor will explain the law to the jury and work with them to gather evidence and hear testimony. Under normal courtroom rules of evidence, exhibits and other testimony must adhere to strict rules before admission. However, a grand jury has broad power to see and hear almost anything they would like.

However, unlike the vast majority of trials, grand jury proceedings are kept in strict confidence. This serves two purposes:

1.It encourages witnesses to speak freely and without fear of retaliation.

2.It protects the potential defendant's reputation in case the jury does not decide to indict.

A Verdict Is Entered Onto The Record

The Grand Jury plays an important role in the criminal process, but not one that involves a finding of guilt or punishment of a party. Instead, a prosecutor will work with a grand jury to decide whether to bring criminal charges or an indictment against a potential defendant -- usually reserved for serious felonies. Grand Jury members may be called for jury duty for months at a time, but need only appear in court for a few days out of every month. Regular court trial juries are usually 12 people, but in the ICLCOROL, a grand jury can be anywhere from 16 to 24 people. 

Once the Grand Jury has reached its verdict then the ICLCOR will pronounce judgement on the defendant - whether or not in attendance.

If they find the accusation true, which is usually drawn up in form by the prosecutor or an officer of the court, they write upon the indictment the words "a true bill" which is signed by the foreman of the grand jury and presented to the court publicly in the presence of all the jurors. If the indictment is not proven to the satisfaction of the grand jury, the word "ignoramus" or "not a true bill" is written upon it by the grand jury, or by their foreman and then said to be ignored, and the accusation is dismissed as unfounded. (The potential defendant is said to have been "no-billed" by the grand jury.) If the grand jury returns an indictment as a true bill ("billa vera"), the indictment is said to be founded and the party to stand indicted and required to be put on trial.

Judgements Without Enforcement Are Useless


Human Rights Abuses Should Mean Jail Time

What exactly is a "human rights abuse?"

Our forefathers truly wanted a better place on this earth for us to live in, than that which we currently exist. Is there anyone out there that doubts that? These men and women fought, and in many cases died, for ideals they were falsely encouraged to adopt and carry, by coercion, mass social programming, the fanning of war flames and jingoistic adherence by the" Media, Masons, Military and the Masters of Money!" 

Every war in the history of the world is fought to reasons of economics which usually mean "more for me and less for you"... after the event!

Humans have the absolute right to a roof over their heads, free food & water, heating, lighting, clothing and transport. Free education for themselves and their children if they wish and free health care. All, yes all, of these basic human rights should already be yours - and if they are NOT then you KNOW you've been done over...again. 

How do we know they are yours by right? 

Well, there just so happens to be a post WWII policy document which was used to "sell" the Bretton Woods Financial Agreement, 1944, to the world's was called "The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948." 

It was supposed to be the policy document to ensure that the world's wealth FROM THEN ON  was evenly and fairly distributed and that EVERYONE EVERYWHERE, from then on, would never have to worry about the basic requirements necessary to support  a healthier, happier and more prosperous life again! 

But then something happened, something never before experienced or thought possible...the bankers, who'd formulated the offer and the deal, reneged on the promises. INCREDIBLE AND NOT BELIEVABLE I KNOW, but unfortunately true.

So here we are today 2018 and  though they have gotten away with "the deceit" for sometime, we now intend to make them make good and also to RE-INSTATE THE LOSSES EVERYONE HAS SUFFERED upon their watch! Fair enough?

UDHR 1948

But Without Enforcement ?

 Due to the urgency needed to publish this site, some content is awaiting approval and editing. Much more coming soon! 

Enforcement Protocols Already In Place!

End Game for Cabal as Nuremberg II Tribunals Loom.
March 5, 2018
The clearest sign of this was an executive order and a 636-page annex issued on March 1 by U.S. President Donald Trump and the Department of Defense that prepares the way for Nuremberg-style tribunals. The essence of these orders was that all U.S. civilians shall be subject to military justice and that the military will be able to hire non-military legal experts to help with the upcoming tribunals, according to Pentagon sources. The following clause on page 2 of Annex 2 is of particular interest, in that it describes one exercise of military jurisdiction as: “A government temporarily governing the civil population within its territory or a portion of its territory through its military forces as necessity may require.”

Very Interesting New Executive Order
March 1, 2018
FYI this Order is effective immediately - all the odd language/exceptions are to prevent ex post facto law arguments for charges already pending.

Trump Signs Sweeping Executive Order 
March 4, 2018
Signing of a sweeping Executive Order making the most significant changes to the Uniform Code Of Military Justice (UCMJ) since the Military Justice Act Of 1983—and whose most significant change authorizes, for the first time in history, experienced civilians to take part in the US Military court-martial process—thus clearing a path for mass “Deep State” arrests whose trials and sentencing would not impact the normal flow of the US Military justice system. Only President Trump—who in time of war, as the Commander-In-Chief, has the sole authority to determine what constitutes a threat and what should be done about it.

The Court Has The Ability to....

Use its common law land powers to help facilitate "Nuremberg II" style courts and use RICO 1970 style court hearings to process defendants. 

Nuremberg I

We Welcome Collection and Enforcement Agency Contact

The Court, once it has pronounced a judgement against the "living man" - not the corporate fiction or legal entity, will then ENFORCE SEVERAL OPTIONS. 1. It can administer a fine of monetary value or 2. Alternatively force the guilty party to perform to the satisfaction of the plaintiff or 3.Ensure that the perpetrator(s) do NOT continue to benefit from the proceeds of their wrongdoing, breach or crime. To this end we will use Court Appointed Bailiffs to seize goods and property as well as freeze accounts.

What Is A Common Law Jurisdiction?

Black's 10th Ed., definition 4, differentiates "common law" (or just "law") from "equity" or statute law. Before 1873, England had two complementary court systems: courts of "law" which could only award money damages and recognized only the legal owner of property, and courts of "equity" (courts of chancery) that could issue injunctive relief (that is, a court order to a party to do something, give something to someone, or stop doing something) and recognized trusts of property. This split propagated to many of the colonies, including the United States. For most purposes, most jurisdictions, including the U.S. federal system and most states, have merged the two courts. Additionally, even before the separate courts were merged, most courts were permitted to apply both law and equity, though under potentially different procedural law.  

What the International Common Law Court of Record is doing is now demerging them! It's back to the future,folks.

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To ReCap, The Court Offers...

Historical Authority

Article 61 of Magna Carta

Statute The Fifth (1351)

Common Law

United States Common Law Judicial System

English Legal System

Judge based precedent, practical and ancestral - Not subject to rogue government dictatorship

Common Law

Today, one-third of the world's population lives in common law jurisdictions or in systems mixed with civil law. Common law arising from the traditional and inherent authority of courts to define what the law is, even in the absence of an underlying statute or regulation. Examples include most criminal law and procedural law before the 20th century, and even today, most contract law and the law of torts 

Inviolable Human Sovereignty

In short this is the covenant between you and the Creator which allows each soul to walk its own path. The Negative side has not the right to coerce you in anyway without your consent. The question then becomes, "To what are you consenting, actually?"

Jury Trials For Everyone

We believe that everyone should have the right to a jury trial or to have their plea heard and considered by a Grand Jury. The basis of a well functioning society is reliant upon trust, fairness and equality. Itv also must be obvious that there is only One track of Law for all - NOT the one law form them and the other for us, scenario which currently exists worldwide. So the best and most obvious way forward is LOCALLY CONVENED GRAND JURY PRESENTMENTS reaching a verdict and then that verdict being processed via the ICLCOROL leading to enforcement actions being taken against the offending "living man" and ensuring that "a corporate cheque book" does not bail him out

One planet - One Law

Diplomatic Immunity

In an I.D. obsessed world one cannot but ask why the need for such "proof" of who you are? The answer lies in the fact that fear is the prime motivation force in this world and fear means everyone  AT THE TOP wants to ensure that they don't have their property taken from them. This is all a construct of the Scarcity Principle which is the Mantra of Death which the Elite humm gently in the background from birth to death. If you reverse the the tow letters from ID you create DI and Diplomatic Immunity (DI) is what you deserve and will be ensured of through the ICLCOROL.

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The G2O2P3 Treaty

This Treaty is possibly one of the most important evolutionary leaps made on the Planet Earth in the past several thousand years. As many of you know, The United States Government [and others] made secret agreements just before and after the Second World War whereby they (as the holders of the Power of Attorney on your estate, born out of so called Democratic Elections) would exchange you and your DNA for technology and the knowledge of how to manipulate and social engineer you into a soul-less oblivion. The G2O2P3 Treaty Agreement is a treaty enabling the International Common Law Court to act and make judgements to protect you and grant you DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY as a Universal Dwelling Being

Treaty Details Soon

Welcome To The Plan

Hope Arrives....

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